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Mammoth Grove (Calgary, AB)
Psychedelic Rock Music
Members: Devan Forster, Kurtis Urban, Tad Hynes
For Fans Of: Dead Meadow, Black Sabbath, Earthless
Since 2011, Calgary Psych-rock group Mammoth Grove has been making earthy, improvisation-rich music. Deeply entrenched in striking natural imagery, their powerful sonic creations evoke the heaviness of 70’s Rock and metal juxtaposed with exploratory psychedelic stoner jams.
The band's collective musical inspiration knows no boundaries, ranging from grunge, indie, doom metal, blues and beyond. However, what really drives the trio is the beauty and brilliance found in nature. Many of their songs contain stirring recollections of time spent amongst giants of the forest. Additionally, Mammoth Grove thrives within live jam sessions, connecting to the ever powerful flow-state to fuel their creative process.
With two independently released EPs already under their belt, the Calgary-based trio is now supporting their first full length release, Suncatcher(2015), a mix of both established and fresh songs from the Mammoth Grove repertoire.
“The band weave together lush instrumentals with vocals that journey from melodic and hypnotic to powerful and resonant, creating a sound that falls somewhere between vastly cosmic and deeply rooted...
Their new album, Sun Catcher, is a cohesive and masterful assemblage of psychedelic rock spanning the conception of Mammoth Grove to the present day.” -BeatRoute Magazine
Mammoth Grove’s tour history includes stops all across Western Canada, as well as Montreal and Toronto, and a festival appearance at Frogfest 2014. In this time they have shared the stage with Earthless, The Highway Kind, Black Pussy, Chron Goblin, 88 Mile Trip, 36?, Petunia and the Vipers, and many more. They have also been featured twice on-air with Calgary’s independent college radio station, CJSW 90.9 (2013, 2015).
Mammoth Grove have the follow up to Suncatcher(2015) written and ready to record, and will embark upon this next chapter after a summer of touring. For booking and press inquiries, please contact: mammothgrove@live.com or manager Willow Grier at willow.grier@gmail.com