Mammoth Grove with Sealegs and Blind Roots

Nite Owl, 213 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V3


Deeply entrenched in striking natural imagery, Mammoth Grove's powerful sonic creations evoke the heaviness of 70’s Rock and psychedelic stoner jams


... is the perfect mix of Folk and Rock genres.

The group prides itself in adding punk and indie rock influences to their sound to create highly melodic and catchy music.

Aggressive vocals, powerful tempos, progressive instrument riffs and arrangements; married with roots/folk rhythms and lyrics that tell a story - Sealegs is a unique and enjoyable experience. Young and old audiences instantly enjoy and respect their sound.


"The monolithic dirge of DOOM rock/metal is still there, dour and grim as ever but it mixes and mingles with other styles and genres making for amusing and confusing mental imagery, like bong rips in Mayan jungles or pagan altars in outer space." - The Even Ground